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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Virginia Pick 3 Lottery Provides Winning Pick 3 Numbers

"Pick 3 Hot Sheet" Newsletter....August 8, 2010....

Have you taken your summer vacation yet?
Ever thought of Virginia?

"Virginia Is For Lovers" is their tourism
slogan. But if you live there and you
enjoy playing the VA Pick 3 Lottery....
their Slogan should be:
"Virginia is for Pick 3 Lovers."

I had an email from a Virginia lottery
player this week wanting to know "if there
was anything going on in Virginia".

So, for all you Virginia Pick 3 Lovers
who have my Pick 3 System, you may
already know this, but for the rest of you,
VA lottery players, here's what you
have missed not having purchased my
Pick 3 System.

Strategies A1 and C3 have brought home
some of that "delicious Virginia Baked Ham",
(instead of the bacon) since August 1, 2010.

8.1.2010 EVE.....702.....C3.....Straight Win
8.3.2010 EVE.....208.....A1.....Straight Win
8.6.2010 EVE.....539.....A1.....Straight Win
8.7.2010 MD......529.....C3.....Straight Win

You may find that you even
love the Pick 3 Lottery MORE when you are
able to apply the strategies from my System

In another email I received this week a young
lady who purchased by Pick 3 System wrote
to "thank me for putting FUN back into playing
the Pick 3"

I guess she is's a lot more FUN to play
and WIN! So, no matter what Pick 3 State Lottery
you play.....why not put the FUN
back in the game!

Good Luck and enjoy a Prosperous rest of 2010!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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