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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Florida Cash 3 Numbers

'Pick 3 Hot Sheet' Newsletter....August 19, 2010....

Do you know what the #1 complaint
of Pick 3 (and Pick 4) players is?

The biggest complaint is that
"I was one number off....." How many
times has it happened to you?

The new Pick 3 Hero is the Florida
Lottery. And the Luckiest Pick 3
Players in the world are the Florida
Cash 3 players.

The Florida Lottery is announcing
that beginning on August 23, 2010,
they will have a new ticket available
to Cash 3 players. It is called .....
"Cash 3 1-OFF". It will cost the
same $.50 or $1.00 as the other

You choose you Pick 3 Number
to play. You are playing your
3 digits Straight. In addition to
your Cash 3 number the ticket
includes 26 other Cash 3
Straight numbers that are
"1-Off" from your chosen
Cash 3 number.

If your number is drawn in the
EXACT ORDER you played it, then
you, Bob, win $250 on a
$1 Ticket or $125 on a $.50 Ticket.

If your chosen Cash 3 number
doesn't Win, but you're 1-off

you also have the chance to
Win by matching any of
the 26 numbers in the
EXACT ORDER that are 1-off
from the number you played.
Any correct match on one $1 ticket
pays $10 or $5 on a $.50 ticket.

Let me use the example from the
Florida Cash 3 "1-Off" video on
their Official Lottery Website.
The chosen number to play is 345.

Here is the list of the 26 1-Off
numbers that are included on
the lotto ticket....


Again, if any of these 26 numbers
is drawn STRAIGHT, you WIN
$5 on a $.50 or $10 on a $1 1-Off

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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