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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spotting Pick 3 Lottery Trends

"Pick 3 Hot Sheet" Newsletter....August 16, 2010....

It is hard to believe that we are already
halfway through August, and, in a
couple of weeks school will be starting
a new year. The free styles or trends
of the summer will turn into more
controlled and regulated routines for
all members of your family.

These trends are very clearly defined
from morning to evening. Like the the
Pick 3 Lottery numbers, you need to
define the trends that are present, and
when they change.

In my Pick 3 System I give plenty of
winning examples for every Pick 3
lottery in the world to demonstrate
how they develop NEW WINNERS
within one or two draws.

I recommend starting out looking for
these trends in your Pick 3 Lottery.

In double draw Pick 3 Lottery States,
unlike single draw Pick 3 States or
Provinces, you have more options to
look for trends.

Double draw Pick 3 States have these
choices for potential trends....

•Midday to Midday
•Midday to Evening
•Evening to Evening
•Evening to Midday create NEW WINNING NUMBERS
when correctly applying the
Pick 3 Strategies to the basic numbers.

In the last Newsletter I used the
Single Draw Lotteries of Arizona,
New Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Here is an example of Midday to
Evening Winners from the
Maryland Pick 3....

8.6.2010 MD.....771 to EVE....272 (A1)
8.9.2010 MD.....682 to EVE....657 (B2)
8.12.2010 MD.....299 to EVE....740 (A1)
8.15.2010 MD.....304 to EVE....801 (B2)

These are mini trends; so you have to
use your Keen Eye to spot them,
and take advantage of them.

Here are some Winners from the
Kentucky Pick 3 Evening to Midday....

8.11.2010 EVE....561 to 8.12 MD....311 (B2)
8.13.2010 EVE....683 to 8.14 MD....988 (B2)

So continue to learn the Pick 3 Strategies in
How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery
and develop your Keen Eye
so you can take advantage of these trends
and put some of that FREE MONEY in
your own pocket.

Good Luck and enjoy your new Prosperity!

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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