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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You "CRAZY" Enough To Play These Pick 3 Lottery Numbers

If you are a serious Pick 3 player, then
each of the numbers right after
they have been drawn, time allowing,
preferably on the TRACKER Sheet

This gives you the time and opportunity
to look for the "connection information"
of the newly drawn winning BASE
NUMBER, if you haven't predicted it

As you know my Pick 3 System is all 
about connecting Pick 3 lottery numbers 
to each other.

The Proven Winning Strategies confirm
and prove these connections.

These Pick 3 connections are confirmed
and proven by applying the learned
Strategies to the created base numbers
from the drawn number.

The other important aspect of owning 
and learning my Pick 3 System is that you 
learn to read the numbers and begin 
to understand and see just how they are 

One of the strategies in my Pick 3
System is that Pick 3 lottery numbers 

You can discover and play these 
repeating Pick 3 numbers....
even the drawn numbers.

Following are some examples from 
December 2012....

California Daily 3
12.14.EVE....370 > 12.15.MD....037 
Delaware Play 3
12.3.MD....614 > 12.4.MD....416
12.11.EVE....416 > 12.12.MD....614
DC Lucky Numbers
12.4.EVE....821 > 12.5.EVE....812

Illinois Pick 3
12.8.EVE....530 > 12.13.MD....530
12.10 MD....535 > 12.12.MD....355

Michigan Daily 3
12.6.EVE....098 > 12.7.MD....089 
Ohio Pick 3
12.10.MD....961 > 12.11.EVE....169 
PA Daily Number
12.3.EVE....173 > 12.5.MD....317 
Tennessee Cash 3
12.11.EVE....236 > 12.12.MD....236

Texas Daily 3
12.6.MD....604 > 12.7.MD....406 
Most Pick 3 players would think 
you're a bit "crazy" to consider to 
play the same three digits that 
 were just recently drawn.

But this is what makes my
Pick 3 System DIFFERENT
my System is able to create

Have a Prosperous 2013!

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh

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