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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pick 3 Lottery News - Pick 3 System Proves Itself

Every Pick 3 Player has an excuse
for not winning!

What excuse do you use?

When I listen to Pick 3 players
discuss their favorite lottery game,
it is inevitable that individual players
claim that their State Pick 3 Lottery
is the hardest one to win.

They complain that ever since the new
head of the lottery has been appointed
fewer players are winning the Pick 3

Many players complain that the Pick 3
lottery is "fixed" so only certain people

All these complaints are excuses as
a way of explaining why individual

From California to New York and
from Texas to Pennsylvania players
have voiced these complaints including
the excuse that their State Lottery
changed from traditional ball draws
to computer draws.

If you have a good Pick 3 System,
that gives you strategies that work
and teaches you how to use the
System correctly, then you no longer
need excuses for your losing.


Because you START WINNING!

And, WINNING doesn't need EXCUSES!

Pennsylvania Lottery Players are very
vocal about their Pick 3 Daily Number

Pennsylvania is an unique Pick 3 Lottery
State, because the Midday draw is a
computer draw, and the evening draw
a traditional mechanical ball

So, Pennsylvania would be a great test
case to decide if a Pick 3 System is worth
its weight in gold and if a player can win
there on a regular basis month after month
with the computer draw and mechanical
ball draw.

Let me share with you a recent email
I received this week from a PA lottery
player who has purchased my Pick 3
System, and plays the PA Daily
Number Game.

Here's the Email >>>

'Hello Mr. Walsh,

I haven't spoken to you in a while.

I am happy to have both of your VIP
newsletters now.

I just wanted to give you an update.

February and March 2012 have been
good months for me. I won $4,360.00
with your Pick 3 system.

I play both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 with
your systems. So far in April, my
Pick 3 winnings are $1,280.00.

I still have box tickets I haven't cashed
yet. Saving them like an ATM.

Thank you so much for your system
of doing it right and doing it big.


Don't you want to STOP making EXCUSES,

Visit my Pick 3 website and see some other
from the Carolinas.... CLICK BELOW >>>

Remember, my new monthly Pick 3 Exclusive
VIP Newsletter can be of great assistance in
helping those who have my Pick 3 System
already, like S.R. of Pennsylvania, to develop
their Keen Eye and spot more WINNING

For more information on my Pick 3 Exclusive
VIP Newsletter
contact me at

Good Luck.

Best Regards,

Robert Walsh

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