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Friday, September 23, 2011

Win The Pick 3 Lottery By Taking Advantage of Recent Trends

'Pick 3 Hot Sheet' Newsletter....September 23, 2011....

Every Pick 3 Player wants to find a way to
win the Pick 3.

My Pick 3 System approaches this task in
a different way from most other systems
in the marketplace. My Pick 3 System is a
strategy based system that offers multiple
strategies that help the Pick 3 player to see
and understand how the numbers are
connected by applying these strategies
to the basic previous winning numbers.

In How To Play & Win the Pick 3 Lottery
I teach you about identifying trends or patterns.
By being aware that a particular pattern exists,
a player gains an advantage by identifying it and
applying it to win the Pick 3.

One of the current patterns that I see occurring
in the Pick 3 around the country is the trend of
repeating numbers being drawn in a short
period of time (1 - 3 draws) in the same State
or Provincial Lottery in the U.S. and Canada.

I even included one Strategy in my Pick 3 System
to cover this possibility.

On one hand, who in their right mind plays
the same number that was just drawn?

On the other hand, what an EASY WAY to win the Pick 3!

It can't get any easier than's like the lottery
saying here's the winning number - play it.

Below are some of the recent examples of what
I am talking about.....

California Daily 3
8.31.MD....231 >>> next draw >>> 8.31.EVE....312

Connecticut Play 3
9.4.EVE....396 >>> 2 draws >>> 9.5.EVE....639

Delaware Play 3
8.23.MD....709 >>> next draw >>> 8.23.EVE....907

Idaho Pick 3
9.20.MD....106 >>> 2 draws >>> 9.21.MD....601

Illinois & Iowa Pick 3
9.3.MD....451 >>> next draw >>> 9.3.EVE....514

Kentucky Pick 3
9.19.EVE....241 >>> next draw >>> 9.20.MD....412

New Jersey Pick 3
9.12.EVE....216 >>> 2 draws >>> 9.13.EVE....216

New Mexico Pick 3
9.16.EVE....478 >>> 2 draws >>> 9.19.EVE....748

Michigan Daily 3
8.19.MD....352 >>> next draw >>> 8.19.EVE....352

Minnesota Pick 3
8.29.EVE....943 >>> 2 draws >>> 8.31.EVE....493

Oklahoma Pick 3
9.9.EVE....942 >>> next draw >>> 9.10.EVE....492

Puerto Rico Pega 3
9.13.EVE....619 >>> next draw >>> 9.14.EVE....961

Texas Daily 3
9.9.EVE....048 >>> next draw >>> 9.10.MD....084

Virginia Pick 3
9.13.EVE....296 >>> next draw >>> 9.14.MD....692

Western Canada Pick 3
8.27.EVE...637 >>> 3 draws >>> 8.30.EVE....637

In addition to learning trends and patterns like these,
there are eight numerical strategies that you can learn
to help you win the Pick 3.

Like a college or professional quarterback,

Don't get short changed by purchasing a system
with just a couple of strategies, most likely just ONE.

Get the MOST BANG for YOUR BUCK when you
purchase my MULTI - STRATEGIES Pick 3 System

Copyright © Robert Walsh

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