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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Proven Pick 3 Lottery System

'Pick 3 Hot Sheet' Newsletter....January 12, 2011....

Happy New Year 2011!

This greeting is filled with many expectations.
One is for good health. One is for improved
lifestyle over last year's experience. One is
for new and challenging opportunities. One
is for a better financial picture.

One of the good things that has happened
to me so far this New Year is to receive the
following email....


I am one of your "HOW TO PLAY & WIN THE
PICK 3 LOTTERY" customers. I purchased
this system sometime last month, all I can say:
I am very impressed with the massive amount
of work and time you put on this project, also
the uniqueness and the affordable price
for such an amazing system that the public
like me can enjoy and make an extra income
when using it. Without a doubt,
your "pick 3 lottery system" is the best in the market.

Like the New Year's Greeting this email is filled with
hope and expectation!

Did you pick up on the four important points the sender
highlighted in this email?

The first is "the massive amount
of work and time you put on this project"
thus indicating and validating the research that went
into my Pick 3 Lottery System. It is not just putting
together a couple of well known strategies spread over
ten to twenty of pages, and selling it as a System.
It is over 15 years of research with documented
proven results from every Pick 3 lottery for one year.

The second is "affordable price".... The current
price represents a $60 Savings off the suggested
retail price and is set at the current price due to the
current economic struggles most Americans and
people around the world continue to face.

The third is "the uniqueness (of) an amazing system" Pick 3 System is different than most systems
because it DOES NOT ELIMINATE numbers based on
the traditional filters of hot, cold, overdue numbers, and
wheels. My System also provides an Investment
Strategy and a Money Management Strategy that
many other systems never include.

The fourth is that the public like me can enjoy
and make an extra income when using it
With money being so tight and the opportunities
or ways of making an "extra income" almost
impossible, by purchasing my Pick 3 Lottery System
and LEARNING to use it CORRECTLY you,
Bob, can create a work at home hobby

Following is one testimonial from my Pick 3 website....


'Thank you for putting the "fun" back into playing the
Daily Numbers. September has been so exciting
watching your system work here in PA with repeating
I followed your system perfectly and won $1000 on 9/12
on 772. With some small hits and misses I still won a
total of $1820. That is not bad for extra income to pay
my bills. That is not bad for a system that some say
doesn't work.'

S.R. ..........Philadelpia, PA

Let 2011 truly be....A HAPPY NEW YEAR for You!

Robert Walsh

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