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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Pick 3 Lottery Formula Proves To Be The Best Pick 3 Lottery Number Generator

Robert Walsh Enterprises proudly announces a record performance with their revolutionary new proven winning Pick 3 System that hit the market on January 19, 2010.

Staking their claim to be the “Best Pick 3 System in the World” backed up , lived up to its name with a string of 11 Straight Pick 3 Wins in a row in tthis claim when their “How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery” System, available at he North Carolina Pick 3 Evening to Evening drawings using this revolutionary new Pick 3 Lottery Number Generator.

Just over two months in the marketplace this system clearly advertises itself to be different than all the other Pick 3 Lottery Number Generators because it does not use all the old standard filters of hot-cold, odd-even, high-low, number frequencies, and overdue numbers within their Pick 3 System. This string of eleven Pick 3 Straight Wins between March 21 to March 31, 2010 were inclusive with back-to-back Evening to Evening Wins.

This revolutionary new Pick 3 Lottery Number Generator with its eight numerical Strategies each of which representing an unique Pick 3 Lottery Formula was able to connect these 11 winning Pick 3 drawn numbers in the North Carolina Pick 3 Lottery.
The winning numbers from March 21st through March 31st are…. 092….542….743….241….853….349….322….677….616….897….and….374.

“How to Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery” had demonstrated its success in the Book with a one month example of Straight Wins from 2009 for every Pick 3 Lottery in the world.

It seems that the gauntlet has been thrown down. With such a record performance the bar has been raised for all other Pick 3 Systems to prove to Pick 3 Players around the world as to which is honestly the “Best Pick 3 System”.

Copyright © Robert Walsh Enterprises 2010

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